• Chitra Pandi

Things You Should Know Before Entering Freelance writing

Are you a fresh graduate and attempting to earn by freelance writing? Then you are in the right area you have to understand a few things earlier than getting into Freelance Writing.

First and Most Important Thing Patience

You must have loads of endurance because it will take at least 6 months to get the very first writing job. If your profile impresses the clients, then the length may also reduce.

You can read my post on How to express yourself(PROFILE) on freelance websites to know profile building. Here the plus point is you can set your working hours.

Secondly Selecting Niche

Niche means the field in which you have experience or you know most about the field for example if you be aware of the small print of PC hardware and you recognize how to set up hardware then you can write about placing up the laptop hardware referred to as technical writing likewise you can choose your area of interest in which you are most interested.

Thirdly, organized for lengthy and tougher work

Yes, work hard and long. First, study a lot associated with your area of interest whether it is a book or blog. Second, look up each associated and applicable subjects associated with your area of interest even if you are very top and innovative in your field. Third, no grammar errors and no passive voices, so study each phrase of your writing earlier than sending it to the client. While following these three matters, you will learn new things.

Fourthly Income fluctuation

Yes, you may not earn in the beginning or you may not get that great deal charge which you expected, however, after doing 5-6 initiatives you will construct self-belief on your personal and you will earn the bigger amount.

You can read my post Earn rupees 500 in your first month as a freelance beginner to earn, at the beginning itself.


Whatever is your area of interest simply stick to it, and attempt to analyze every new thing, constantly add statistical evaluation will provide excessive overall performance to your writing.

All the best

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