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The Indian alternative to Chinese Toys

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

“Made in China”

“Made in China” has captured all possible industries in India.China's products have been dominating the market in India's digital sector, OTT platforms, e-commerce companies, electronic goods, pharmaceuticals, toys, auto spare parts, textile and apparel industry and many more. The main reason for this is in India the availability of Chinese products price is very low. 

How do products made in China are sold for very cheaper?

One of the main reasons is the availability of low-paying labours and the lack of compliance with the Environmental Protection Act in China. Moreover, there is a VAT tax in China but it does not apply to imported goods. This is why Chinese products are cheaper in India.

After 15th June 2020

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has called for the Boycott of Chinese goods following the death of Indian soldiers at the Indo-China border clash on June 15, 2020.

In this context, many people ask, “Can we get Indian goods alternative to Chinese goods?"

The answer is Yes. Products manufactured in India can be purchased and used as an alternative to Chinese products. Let's talk about the Indian alternative to Chinese toys.

Indian alternative to Chinese toys

As an alternative to China Toys, we can buy our children the best-made toys in India. Let's take a look at some of the leading toy manufacturers in India.

Masoom Playmates. 

Masoom Playmates is one of the companies which alternative to Chinese toys. They establish Masoom Playmates in the year 1942; I know them for their toys, reliability and quality. In Masoom Playmates, they create Squeeze toys, dolls, puzzles, board games, ride on cars, soft toys and stationery sets and non-toxic toys. 


Funskool is another Indian toy manufacturing company alternative to Chinese toys which is a part of reputed MRF Group. They established in 1988, in Goa. Understanding the changing needs of children, funskool is having permissions of International players and manufactures toys like Dora and Ravens burger for Puzzles, Tomy for Infants & Preschool products, Engino for Construction, Walt Disney for Board Games and selling international standards toys in Indian Toys Market.

Nick Nack

Nick Nack is also an Indian toy manufacturing company alternative to Chinese toys which is established in the year 1985, who manufactures plush toys and electronic plush toys. 

Team A Toys

Team A Toys is also an Indian toy manufacturing company alternative to Chinese toys, founded in 2016, four years back only, who manufactures only soft toys with quality and security.

Sunlord Apparels

Sunlord Apparels, incorporated in 1979, Ladies Garments, Fashion Accessories and Toys also, it’s again Indian toy manufacturing company alternative to Chinese toys. They do kids room furnishing also. Sunlord Apparels manufactures Tiger Soft Toys only.


Their lots of toy manufacturing company apart from the above mentioned, but they run as small-scale industries. So, search and research for Toys Made in India, so that your kids can play while learning with full safety.

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