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How to Do Data Entry?–Freelance Guide #4

How to Do Data Entry?Freelance Guide #4

Freelance work means not only writing, there are lots of ways to earn as a freelancer. And one of them and most popular is DATA ENTRY. Today I am going to share complete details of DATA ENTRY.

What Is Data Entry?

Data Entry is the process of typing letters and numbers which are seen with the eyes and heard with the ears with the help of a keyboard.

What Is Data Entry Job?

When someone pays money for typing their documents or list in their preferred file format, then it’s called DATA ENTRY JOB. Types of Data Entry Jobs?

  • Offline Data Entry - Offline Data Entry means converting manually written data into digitally.

  • When you type the data (anything) written on paper, notebook, book or scanned documents into a computer or any other electronic device then it’s called as offline data entry.

  • Online Data Entry - When you type the data (anything) written on forms or scanned documents into a website or mobile app then it's called online data entry. Sometimes it's called online form filling as well.

  • Data Mining also comes under Online Data Entry because it’s completely online work. Searching particular details on particular websites and typing the details with date, time, website address, author's name and similar things into any website or mobile app is called Data Mining.

How & Where to Get Data Entry Projects? Do not do any google search on this topic “How & Where to Get Data Entry Projects?” because you will get the search result for the above topic but not genuine. All the related search will gain your attention, and you will also the see what they are offered with your wide-open eyes, STOP doesn’t do this, all of them are scam and its proven as well. So, to get data entry jobs or projects just do the simple thing register with freelance sites like (freelancer, fiverr, etc.) and express yourself there that how you can do data entry jobs and wait for some time you will get a job (not 100%). (Note: How to Express yourself on a freelance website, will be my next blog post)


To Earn extra income online or offline data entry is best, but need lots of patients and beware of scammers do not pay any registration fees.

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