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Freelancing guide #3 - Keyword Finding & SEO Content Writing

Not getting visitors to your weblog or article, then its capability your weblog is now not Search Engine Optimized (SEO).


Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) content capability highlighting a weblog or internet site content in the worldwide web (WWW), so that search engines like Google, Yahoo can without difficulty locate the content and exhibit it on the first web page of the search result.

Keywords are the most fundamental factor to make your content SEO. Keywords always function a very crucial persona in the article we write. Before going to the subsequent step let us learn.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a phrase or sentence which highlights our article to the search engines like google or yahoo, etc. Mostly the title of the article performs the personality of the keyword.

Example - “How to write a blog post?” or

“How to create a Youtube Video?”

Here “write a blog post” and “create a Youtube Video” is the keyword phrase.

The second setup is keyword researching, aware of these two things for that

1. What peoples are searching?

2. How much peoples are searching.

To understand these things, you can visit ahrefs.

Just type the title and click on find keywords, you will locate the detailed report, in accordance with that you can choose the key phrases from the listing shown. Examples are proven below.

1. Typing the title or word related to the article and select the country, click find keywords

2. Click Question tab like below

You will discover the questions associated with the keyword you typed, pick out one of them from the list. In the above image first, one is searched 600 times in 4 days, likewise the different questions also. Now it is up to you to pick out which one that’s definitely your choice.

How to create(write) SEO content?

SEO content writing is easy, first, you write it down as constantly you write, after writing your 2nd step is to study your very own writing and note down how many times you used your title in between the article.

It is now not essential to write the title again and again in between the article, however, attempt to write it at least 3-5 times. If your article no longer required to write the title, then use 5-6 subheadings in the article associated with the title, so that readers can get extra and greater information.

For subheadings, search your title on google, on the bottom of the web page you will see “Searches associated to” like below image, choose one or two which are more applicable to the title from the listing and use it as subheadings and write at least 25-50 words under the subheadings.


Writing SEO Content is no longer difficult, however, it sincerely requires a little bit hard word. Just write your questioning on the flow and write it correct and accurate important points and while showing numeric things always attempt to discover what your readers prefer and how they prefer and then write your article.

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