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Freelance writing guide #2 - How to create original content?

Before starting a freelance writing job, one should know “How to create original content?” Which is very important for a freelance writer.

The first and most important thing is reading

Read online contents related to your niche or topics, also books related to it, if any. Search your topics or titles on google and read all the results shown on the first page because correct and accurate results always displayed on the first page and related result are displayed in followed pages. Please read every article completely, so that you can get an idea. On "How to present your content?”

Secondly, noting down the points

While reading the online contents or books, note down the points, which inspires you or you think to write more in detail, so that you can explain those points briefly in your writing, which will make your content more informatics. However, do not copy the content from anywhere to your writing it is not recommended. 

Thirdly, start writing with a catchy title 

  • The title is very important for online content, write an eye catchy, inspiring, and meaningful title. Also, always try to add numeric in your title because most of the search results always contain numeric values, which will make the value for your title.

  • Next is the introduction, A brief introduction should inspire readers to read the article or blog post completely. Until the end. 

  • The third is the subtitle; every subtitle should explain some part of the article or blog post. Expand the important points noted using your own words. Try to write full information with statistical analysis. You can get the statistics from Google. 

  • The Fourth one is, doing research, if you are not clear about any point noted, then do the Google search for that specific point to obtain extra data on that point. Explain the specific point briefly in your writing. You can do this earlier than writing or in-between the writing to obtain more information and it is highly recommended. 

Adding Image

Adding an image related to your content will make it more impressive. Has all we know images always speak, sometimes it says the complete story. Show the image or video in your content it is very important. You may search Google for images you can also download the images from Google add to your writings. Alternatively, add your very own images.

Moreover, use simple English. For your writing so that your readers can understand the article and do not do any grammatical mistakes, because a single grammar mistake can change the complete meaning of the sentence or the article or the blog post. So, avoid completely grammar mistakes. 


Original content creating is not tough or impossible. It just needs a little bit researching and complete reading of other contents and we can write the original content easily. 

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