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Earn rupees 500 in your first month as a freelance beginner

How to get Freelance Work?

As a beginner freelancing may be tough, but it’s not impossible. Attending online surveys will earn rupees 500 in a month, learn and get motivated to do hard work as a freelancer. Writing, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Digital Marketing are the most popular freelancing work, but earning in these methods needs lots of patients and hard work. Before knowing about these jobs, let’s see how to earn rupees 500 in a month as a freelance beginner.

Lots of websites will promise you to pay for your opinion, but all are not legit. The top 3 survey websites which pay are:

"Please don't do an immediate search on Google after reading the next paragraph, because it will show lots of results and you don't know which is SCAM or LEGIT. Here I am going to give you only 100% legitimate and personally tried options for last 4 years with proof".


Giving your opinion on two things will earn you money. (i) Product, (ii) Website or on a mobile application will earn you rupees 2 to 500 approximately (as e-points). Survey websites will ask you some basic question about you and some about product or services of website/company, each question will have the option, you have to select the point which you think is appropriate and submit it.

1. Rakuten Insights Survey

Business organizations request Rakuten Insights to ask an opinion about the company or product to their members. When the registered member of Rakuten Insights attend and complete the survey, the member will be paid as e-points. 1 e-point = 1 rupee. Collected e-points are redeemable as Amazon or Flipkart gift vouchers or can be transferred to Paytm account. Minimum 100 e-points needed for rupees 100 gift voucher or Paytm cash.

Note - Paytm E-mail account should match Rakuten Insights registered E-mail.

2. The Life Points Panel

LifePoints is created and developed by Lightspeed which is the world's largest research and Analysis Company operating in 70 countries with more than 50 lakh members. Here we can give our opinion on future products or services. For every completed survey, product testing or app testing will again you LifePoints, and after reaching minimum 340 LifePoints you can redeem for Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, lifestyle, BigBazaar, Pantaloons and Shoppers Stop Gift Cards worth rupees 300 or you can donate them to charity or send it to your Paypal account as money but for 10$ you will need 806 LifePoints, so its best go with gift cards. 10 LifePoints is a bonus for signup.

3. The Panel Station

The Panel Station online survey community has more than 3.71 million members all over the world which provides mobile app also through which we can complete surveys anywhere, any time and get paid. The Panel Station also pays for referrals. All you need to do is complete online surveys and polls, collect point, and exchange points into Amazon, Flipkart Voucher (Gift Card). But, in point of view, the panel station is very costly because of its rupees 500 worth vouchers are for 3000 points (3000 points = rupees 500).

Survey website numbered here are by their e-points value only.

(i) Survey Products

Products which are advertised on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Social Media etc., are the most used in surveys. 90% of products are used in our daily day-to-day life. So, it's not difficult to answer the survey questions. Sometimes it shows the video of advertisement asks about the video for example: How is the AD? Or Are you able to understand the message of the video? So, it's very easy to answer this type of questions.

(ii) Survey about Services of a Website, Company or Mobile Application

Digital Market is rapidly growing and the company provides flexible services so that the old customers regularly use their services and new customers join their services. Competitions are heavy, customers are confused which Website, Company or Mobile Application service is best, in this kind of situations our opinion will help them to choose. 

For example: “Which e-commerce company provides the fastest delivery, Flipkart or Amazon or any other?” this is very easy; with our online purchase experience we answer it.


E-points is the type of credit which we will get for completing surveys. E-points are converted into Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers, you can send money to your Paypal account by converting E-Points. But its best and better to convert e-points into Gift Cards because it gives more value than sending to Paypal account.

Paypal Account

To receive money directly to your bank account requires a Paypal Account. Paypal provides service of receiving and sending money. Most of the freelancers use Paypal to receive money for the job completed. To create a Paypal Account you need to provide scan copy of address proof, Identity proof and bank passbook. While creating Paypal account use an e-mail id which is used in survey websites.

"You have to complete your profile fully in all 3 online survey websites listed here to receive surveys and surveys you will receive will be based on your profile".


Do not lose hope as freelance beginner, survey websites will surely earn you rupees 500 in your first month and continuously attend online surveys so that you can learn more about freelancing writing.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubt about anything mentioned here.

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