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Digital learning and its importance in Education

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What is Digital Learning:

Schools and colleges have been temporarily closed due to the increasing number of COVID-19 virus in India. It is important that students and parents not only have digital devices like a smartphone but also software. Let us talk about such software or mobile applications.

Digital learning is an innovative idea in the field of education. In which with the help of digital tools and technologies the process of teaching and learning is complete. It is also called E-learning. With the invention of new technologies, Educational reformers suggest that this technology will entirely transform the people learning process. Digital learning improves the experience of learners using digital tools. It is also very suitable and helpful for teachers to prepare their teaching plans. Multimedia, online games, online classes, online projects, social media and mobile phones all are examples of digital learning.

Tools of digital learning

There are lots of tools for digital learning. Here we discuss some of the tools.

1. Google online classroom

Google makes this app for learning. The purpose of google classroom is to streamline the process of learning and sharing data between teachers and students. We can make our account on google and start using this app. Students can post their questions and get answers from their teachers. Teachers can give questions and assignments to the student.

2. Social media app

Social media apps are also using now for digital learning. The researchers show that Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups are used for communication and learning. In these groups, you can share videos, audios, books and other documents. Theses apps also develop interests and skills.

3. Animoto:

In this digital learning tool, we can design the best quality videos in a short period which helps students to refine their academic lessons. More students get benefit through Animoto. The Animoto linking is friendly allowing teachers to design better content which can modify educational needs.

4. Zoom software:

Zoom app is designed for videoconferencing. Through these online classes are taken. Teachers can take online classes anytime, anywhere. videos, documents, presentations everything can be shared on this app. We can create a class on our own choice of strength. It saves a lot of time and increases motivation. The environment is friendly so that students can increase higher-level intellectual abilities.

5. Socrative:

This system is developed in 2010 by Boston. This app is used for creating quizzes which assigned to students on class laptops or tablets. It is an easy method for the assessment of students. It saves energy and efforts and refreshes the atmosphere. Quizzes can be any type like true-false, short answers or multiple choices.

6. Kahoot:

Kahoot is a game-based learning app that is used for engaging students, increasing motivation and enjoyment in an educational environment. Teachers can design quiz, discussions and surveys and challenges to students as a fun way to practice. You can include pictures and videos in your questions. This is a fun game- learning app 

7. ClassDojo:

Class Dojo is a free behavioural management software to enhance communication and behaviour management. Learning is associated with behaviour and we can raise emotional and social development through the Class Dojo app. Class Dojo had a positive impact on the student’s behaviour and help them to become more aware of their own behavioural choices.

8. Thing Link:

Learning is a modification in behaviour through experience. So, this app is used for modification in teaching methods for teachers. How a teacher can become the skilled and efficient person that awaken the curiosity of students through their skills and knowledge. In this app, you can design images with music, sounds, texts and photographs. And all of this data can be shared through many social- networks.

Importance of digital learning

As we are living in the age of technology so with the time innovative ideas are implemented in every field. Every one of us wants an effortless, relaxed and unchallenging life. So, with the invention of technology life has become easier. 

So digital learning is playing an important role in learning not only for students but also for teachers that they can enhance their teaching skills.

Here are some points of importance of digital learning.

1. No limitations:

Digital learning has no limitation of time and place. Anywhere, anytime you can learn. It makes learning so easy. No boundaries are there. You are free when and what you want to do. You just should have to access digital tools.

2. Save Energy and Efforts:

As we all know that there are schools, colleges and universities for learning which are giving traditional learning as in previous times. This traditional learning wastes a lot of energy and efforts of students. But in digital learning by using tools you can easily learn without so much energy. You do not have to go anywhere. With your mobile, laptop or computer you can learn.

3. Enhancing skills:

Skills are the abilities to do something well. And for a teacher, he must be skilled in his profession that he can make learning easy and efficient. So digital learning also improves the teaching methods and teaching styles. Also, students learning skills and communication skills raises through digital learning.

4. Easy and Efficient Learning:

As digital learning environment is friendly so the student can easily communicate and share problems with teachers and others. They can share videos, presentations and other documents through which their process of learning becomes very efficient. Digital learning develops their interests and motivation.

5. Increase higher-level intellectual abilities:

As in traditional learning, the teacher teaches in the same manner and students listen which not increase the interest and curiosity of students. Digital learning engages students in learning due to which their level of interest increased day by day which ultimately increases their intellectual abilities.

6. The sharpness of senses and long-lasting:

In digital learning, we use all sense at a time due to which sharpness comes in our sense. Our mind works faster. Our thinking style changes due to which we start learning more in a small period. When we learn like this then this will be long-lasting. Our skills become more efficient and long-lasting.

7. More students get benefit:

In traditional learning as due to high fesses and other expenses, many students cannot get their education. And which leads to the lack of education and poverty. But in this technological age, we can overcome these issues. Through digital learning, we all can get education from our homes.

8. Reduction of pressure:

The tools of digital learning are very easy to use and students can easily learn about the tools. So as digital learning facilitates a lot due to which pressure of studies on a student becomes very low. Learning becomes so easy and students can learn in a relaxed manner.


As many developed countries using the process of digital learning which is very productive. So, it is not only technology it will also decide the future of any country. Every country which is under devilment should promote digital learning through which we as a species transmit skills, knowledge and values to our new generations.

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